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My name is Greg Bowdish.

Welcome to my story…. 

I have been known for many things over the course of my life: bicycle racer, fly fishing guide, Pro kayak angler, outdoor writer, fly casting instructor, sea kayaker, novelist, screenwriter, and internet marketer. But slowly over the last decade, a new identity has taken over my life – idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis patient.

I truly wish this fatal lung disease wasn’t going to be the main focus of this blog (at least for now), but after losing my mother to IPF and now approaching the end stages of the disease myself, I feel compelled to share my experiences in the hope that it can help others dealing with this horrible disease.

There is hope for a new twist to my story however. Presently, I am seeking a double lung transplant at Emory University in Decatur, Georgia. If I qualify for this very difficult surgery, it may save my life, but will also come with the dangers of a compromised immune system and the possibility of organ rejection – for the rest of my days. So there is a difficult journey ahead for me no matter how you cut it.

Fingers crossed that I have a new identity to add to the list one day: double lung transplant recipient. 

Whether you are family or a friend who want updates on how I’m doing, you’ve been diagnosed with IPF yourself, or your maybe are headed down the path of lung transplantation, I’m hoping this blog will be a valuable resource or at least provide insight and comfort to anyone who’s life has been affected by IPF.

So please join me on this new adventure. Like the many adventures of my former life I can only promise it will be a bumpy ride.

I’ve also started a GoFundMe to meet the fundraising goals required by Emory Transplant Center and the Georgia Transplant Foundation to cover the expensive medications I will need and many of the costs related to pre and post transplant care.

Any help you can give is so deeply appreciated.

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