Love's Naked Nature

“Engaging at all levels”
"A wickedly funny book!"
"Romantic, Funny, Adventurous"


Reeling from a painful divorce and the rampant sexism of the era, entomologist Amanda Fowler struggles to save her 1970s TV nature show, "Exploration Insects!", from cancellation. Disaster strikes when her cameraman is injured and she unwittingly turns to two pornographers for help. Adding to her troubles are her stressed out program director, a pill popping priest, a tribe of cannibals, a wild array of animals and insects, and Amanda's own fears about falling in love.

A novel that has been likened to a cross between Romancing the Stone, Boogie Nights, and A Confederacy of Dunces, Love's Naked Nature is a touching comedic romp through the heart of humanity, celebrating the diversity of the natural and human worlds. 
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